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sellers guideSelling your property Bargain Andalucia and CDS properties is a unique estate agency. Once you list your property details with us we guarantee that our sales team will go that extra mile to promote and sell your property. We target potential buyers through our extensive network of contacts and continuously update our information to keep any potential buyers interested and thus increase the selling potential of your property. Any viewings you may have will be arranged before hand in good time.

We endeavour to make this process incur the minimum inconvenience possible, and we do our best to make sure that all potential buyers are serious, and that your time is not wasted. That’s the part we play in the selling process but there is also a part you can play. Follow this list and greatly enhance the selling potential of your property.

Pricing your property

Before any potential purchaser comes to view the property, you must make sure they don’t lose interest by an unrealistic asking price. If you’re asking too much for your property then buyers will not ask to arrange a viewing. Keep an eye on the local property market and get an idea of how much similar properties sell for. Property prices rise and fall mimicking the wider economic climate so keep that in consideration as well. Always keep up to date with the property market throughout the sale, as you might find you have to increase or reduce the price accordingly over time.

By checking on the prices of neighbouring properties and getting a good idea of your property price in relation to these, you can then discuss your pricing options with an estate agent. It is important to find a reasonable final sales price that you will be happy with and that will also give you the maximum chance of a sale within a realistic timeframe. Bargain Andalucia and CDS properties will discuss the price with you and will also advise you on what you can do to increase the perceived value of your property in the eyes of potential buyers. Never have a set price, but be adaptable to change the property price. Most property transactions involve negotiations where the buyer feels like getting a better deal than they were first faced with. By taking this into consideration you do not lose out and you make your property that much more desirable.


Once you have got an interested buyer at your door for a viewing you really want to make a positive impression. Buyers first thoughts on the property are the most important, these first moments are critical in the selling process. Most buyers will make their mind up straight away in the first few moments and appearance is everything. Make sure the whole property is clean and freshly painted; all repairs no matter how small have to be completed – if areas are left half finished then potential buyers will be put off. Make sure that there is no clutter on view and maximize open areas so the rooms look as spacious as possible.

Ask your agent for any other little hints that might enhance your properties selling power. Look in magazines, read tips from estate agents on the internet and try them all. Light rooms make your property feel bright and open. One thing you can do down on the Costa del Sol is let the sun shine in! When you have a viewing in winter make sure the rooms are warm; in summer turn your air conditioning on.

It goes without saying that if your property looks presentable and stylish, smells clean and fresh and is decorated tastefully, any photographs taken by an agent for their selling advertisements will greatly enhance the chance of selling.

Agents and lawyers

Bargain Andalucia and CDS properties will manage the sale for you; We will discuss the sales strategy for your property and take care of all negotiations. We can recommend property management services that can get your house clean and ready for viewing in case you are out of country. To maximize the sales potential of your property, we will prepare a detailed sales report after talking to you, the more information you can give us, the easier it will be for us to find you a potential buyer. We always maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients and any negative aspects concerning your property will of course be passed on to any potential purchaser. However, it is important to remember that these are rarely insurmountable obstacles and every client has different tastes and requirements.

Bargain Andalucia and CDS properties can provide exclusive coverage of your property. Signing on with multiple agents does not guarantee a quicker sale because most agents have the same expertise and cover the same client base. You can always sign on for a few months if you want to keep your options open. We provide constant updates and give a feedback report of any viewing you have. Exclusivity with one agent is also extremely useful for those sellers who may not be available to oversee the viewings, if so the exclusive agent will do this for you.

We will also provide a lawyer who will advise you on the tax you will have to pay with the sale of your property. The lawyer will also be able to answer any legal queries you may have. Any documents you have will then be available making sure the sale will proceed quickly and without problems. Any missing paperwork can be found by the lawyer and updated. If you are not available for any reason for the selling of your property, you can give the lawyer power of attorney to sell it for you.

Other tips for a successful sale

If you are out of the country make sure you give your keys to an exclusive agent, so they can show your house to interested buyers who want to see it as soon as possible. Take advantage of that initial enthusiasm and don’t lose a sale due to having no immediate access to the property. Make sure that any furniture that is sold with the house is itemised, this prevents misunderstandings about what’s included in the sale.

Purchase fees and taxes for sellers

Plus Valia Tax: is a tax calculated on the increase of the property from the last time it was sold which is why the Seller pays this cost.

Agent rate of commission

Check on agents commission fees. Agent commission are usually around 5% – 10%.

Lawyer fees

These are usually around 1% of the selling price.


At Bargain Andalucia and CDS properties, after we have discussed and agreed a sensible price for your property we will maintain that professionalism and put the maximum effort into finding you a buyer. We will keep you constantly updated and make sure you get the best possible price for your property. The final decision is always yours concerning any offers you receive from potential buyers. In conclusion, by following the tips above and understanding the process of the selling of your property it can be an easy and uncomplicated process.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at our office.

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